Article Digital Communities are on the rise, here’s how your marketing team can get ahead of the curve

People are creatures of habit.

For centuries, people have gathered together to share knowledge, experiences, to empathize and identify with one another. We naturally gravitate towards people we can relate to, which is what drives people to build communities. 

Communities provide people with so much more than just social interaction. They build connections, they give us a sense of belonging, they encourage us to support perpetual growth in those around us, they support those within it. It’s time that organizations use the communities they have spent so long building to listen to their audience, support their growth, and make meaningful connections with their customers. 

Marketing communication is not a one way street.

Since social media platforms are so scattered, there’s no easy way for a marketer to gain feedback from their target audience. Think about your average social media manager. They push out their content on all social media platforms, this is the way they communicate their message to their audience. But how does their audience communicate their comments or thoughts back to them? Very few users will take the time to comment on a post, let alone DM the company to share their valuable thoughts and insights. 

Thus, by no fault of their own, there’s been very little two-way communication between organizations and their customers. Every time a marketer pushes out a new post, they are communicating to their audience, but is there anyone around to receive feedback? When it comes to communicating with their target audience, marketers are having a one-sided conversation with themselves. How much value could we be capturing if we were to find a platform where marketing could look like a real conversation: a give-and-take of information, a collaboration between companies and their communities? 

But for now, to understand if they’re pushing out the right messages to their audience, marketers are stuck with analyzing key metrics and KPI’s to indicate where their audience’s loyalty lies. Is that really the easiest way of doing things? Can you truly gain an understanding of your audience’s perceptions of you based on the number of likes a post got?

How to make marketing communication a two-way street.

By hosting your own community-management platform (and who would we be if we tried to convince you otherwise!). Hosting your community on your very own platform, integrated into your website, is the quickest way to understanding your customers thoughts and feelings towards your brand. By scratching below the surface of your target audience’s mind, you can truly begin to collaborate with your customers and increase your value to them as a business. Not only can you tweak your product or service to truly reflect their wants and needs, you can also add to your overall value proposition by providing them a safe space where they can interact with their favorite business - you! 

A Digital Community is so much more than a marketing tactic.

A digital community is so much more than just a plain old marketing tactic, it’s a business strategy. By infusing a community-building philosophy into your organization, you give your customers more control over their brand experience with you. 

They will feel like they collectively built this brand with you, which will increase their brand loyalty. This will not only drive new customers, it will drive loyal customers and community members who are eager to interact with your brand as much as possible! Thankfully, you just got a new platform to host them all, so you’re ready to go. 

We will leave you with one final note.Your brand is not defined by you, your brand is defined by your audience’s perceptions of you. By hosting your community on your own platform, you can gain an understanding of your true perception through the eyes of your audience. You can then take these insights to drastically shift the nature of your relationship with them, driving customer attraction and retention for good. 

As for the reason why we are so passionate about this? Well, we see the future. We know that starting from a place of understanding and active listening is the biggest step towards building bigger, better, communities than we have ever seen before. We can’t wait to help organizations use technology as a tool to not only create value, but also learn and grow from their audience. 

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