Article Spontivly Announces Successful Fundraise, Plans to Scale Rapidly

The team at Spontivly is excited to announce the close of their successful investment round. Over the past few months, Spontivly has been setting ambitious goals for growth while capitalizing on opportunities to achieve them. This includes graduating from Tampa Bay Wave’s flagship TechDiversity program, developing and launching a private beta with their first customer cohort, and joining the OnDeck Community Builders Fellowship.
Their focus on accomplishing their goals is what made Spontivly an attractive opportunity for angel investors, the company even exceeded its forecasted revenue targets for 2021. “Going into this fundraising round, we really tried to focus on finding investors that would understand our vision and align well with the company values,” explains co-founder and CEO Anthony Nagendraraj. “We were looking for people who would make the right fit, and I am extremely proud to say we succeeded in our goals for this round.”
Spontivly is a community management system that integrates with a company’s suite of community tools to allow for greater insights and efficiencies. "One of the biggest challenges that community managers are facing is that their community is scattered across so many different platforms," says Atlanta Tech Village Managing Director Aly Merritt, who was formerly the Head of Community for Salesloft. "When I first met the team at Spontivly, I got really excited about the idea because they’ve been building to solve the exact pain points that I have faced in my 10+ years of community building.”
Before raising its funds, the company had already seen success by bootstrapping. “We were fortunate enough to have found some fantastic programs like North Forge and Tampa Bay Wave,” says Nagendraraj. These programs provided the company with access to resources, mentors, and a supportive community of their own - these tools were vital in helping the company see success early on. 
The co-founders say that their community focus will guide them as they plan to scale aggressively. “Our mission is to make community data accessible, that means providing community data to every company, across every community, and for every integration they use,” explains Nagendraraj. “When building up a business, your mission can act as a compass, guiding you along while you make crucial decisions. The mission, along with our passion for community, is what helped the business thrive during the pandemic.”
Going forward, the team will focus their attention on growing their customer base and expanding their marketing and community team to achieve their goals in the coming year. 
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Spontivly is a community management system that enables every company to gain valuable insights into their community. They integrate with a company’s suite of community tools to handle the full lifecycle of community management - from workflow management to community insights.
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