Integrating with Zoom

Installing your Zoom Integration

1. In your Spontivly account, click Integrations in the left navigation bar.

2. Click on Connect under the Zoom integration box.

3. Enter your Zoom login credentials, then click Sign In.

4. You may be prompted to grant permission for Spontivly to access your Zoom account. If so, click Allow.

5. You'll be redirected back to Spontivly. Your Zoom integration is now active!


Usage of your Zoom Integration

Zoom Link Creation

1. From the Events tab, click Manage Events.

2. Fill out your event information, and then click Online.

3. Select Create Zoom Link. This will enable the integration to generate a pop-up.

4. Fill out the remaining Event related information.

5. Click Publish to finish setup, generate your event link and start collecting RSVPs!

Online events can be created by moving forward step by step till section 4 (Create Zoom Link), where you can add links to livestreams and more



If you have selected Location as Venue or To be announced in Step 2(Fill Basic Information) then skip this step and for continuing click save and continue button.

Zoom Data Analytics

1. Click on the Insights tab on the left navigation bar.

2. Click on Zoom Analytics beneath the Insights title.

3. You can view your Zoom metrics in one place!


Total Events

Uninstalling your Zoom Integration

1. In your Spontivly account, click on Disconnect under the Zoom integration box.

2. A pop-up will appear asking to confirm request. Click Confirm.

3. You have uninstalled your Zoom Integration.


  • Zoom accounts that require authorization must have Admin rights. A sub account will not be able to authenticate a Zoom integration.
  • Zoom analytics may take time to load. Ensure to refresh page for full data being fetched.

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