Getting Started

Member experience matters! Getting members actively engaged starts from their very first interactions with your directory. That’s why we make our platform completely customizable to match the look and feel of your website. Build your directory portal around your members - not the other way around.

Our platform gives you full control over a new member's initial experience with your directory. You can set a default space for members, which is the first space that your new members will see immediately after they sign up. Make this space yours, include anything you’d like your members to experience on their first visit - whether its product updates, introductions, or a getting started guide!

There’s no wrong way to say hi, but we’ve found that creating a dedicated space for introductions (with a welcome topic pinned at the top) sets a friendly, open tone and encourages other members to jump in on the welcome bandwagon too. Keep in mind, the more a new member comments, the more likely they are to stay within your directory, so take the time to introduce yourself and say hi!

There’s nothing worse than navigating a new space, so make sure that your directory is easy to navigate. You can group related spaces, organize them by topic, or otherwise segment your spaces in whatever makes sense for your directory. Trust us, your new members will thank you for it.