Marketing & Community

Build an experience beyond the product. Create a memorable community experience by showcasing your most active members, recruiting brand ambassadors, and growing a powerful brand behind your organization.

Customer Support & Success

Lean in and listen to community members. Community feedback and submissions opens the door to project improvements, a better product offering, and scalable growth.

Product Growth & Innovation

A fresh set of eyes can improve a project exponentially. Stand out in the crowd by taking the time to listen to your customer. Prioritize connections and the conversions will follow.

We ❤️ our community builders.

It takes a village to raise a community. Let's work together to get yours growing!

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University of Alberta

"Spontivly is redefining what engagement means for organizations by providing them with insights that will allow them to directly measure the impact of their community."

Linda Olson
CEO at Tampa Bay Wave

“When I first met the team at Spontivly, I got really excited about the idea because they’ve been building to solve the exact pain points that I have faced in my 10+ years of community building.”

Aly Merritt
Managing Director, Atlanta Tech Village

“Driven by an incredible team, Spontivly is the foundation for helping us understand how we grow and build meaningful and long lasting connections. If you aren’t using Spontivly, you are absolutely missing out.”

Christian Tokarski
Head of Startup Edmonton

“Spontivly is taking the community ecosystem by storm across North America!”

Joelle Foster
CEO of North Forge Technology Exchange